Virtus Assure Offers Internal Audit Services to Singapore Pawnbrokers

Pursuant to The Pawnbrokers Act 2015 (“PBA”), The Registry of Pawnbrokers requires that all licensed pawnbrokers are to submit an independent audit report on their internal policies, procedures and controls (“PPCs”) to manage and effectively mitigate the money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

Virtus Assure is ably qualified to act as a consultant to develop the internal PPCs, identifying and mitigating the areas of risks, or as auditor to conduct an assessment of the effectiveness of internal PPCs with an audit report.Virtus Assure Pawnbroker Chart


  • We can assist to develop internal PPCs for you.


  • We can recommend measures to improve internal PPCs for you.


  • We can assess on the effectiveness of internal PPCs to assist in reporting to The Registry of Pawnbrokers pursuant to The Pawnbrokers Act 2015.



No matter what your risk and control environments are, Virtus Assure would like to hear from any pawnbroker to understand your requirements and to customise a cost-effective solution to comply with The Pawnbrokers Act 2015.